When your calculated due date has passed we can try to give nature a helping hand. When stripping is carried out it can sometimes reduce the need for an induced labour at 42 weeks. When membrane stripping the midwife will exam you internally by placing two fingers into your vagina and feel if the cervix is open. If it is, she will reach the baby’s head with her fingers and make circling movements to remove membranes from the uterus wall. This we refer to as ‘stripping’. Stripping will stimulate your body to produce a hormone called ‘prostaglandin’. This hormone encourages the ripening of the cervix and will hopefully get those contractions started! There are no risks associated with stripping. There may be a little blood loss afterwards as the cervix has a good blood supply and stripping can temporarily puncture a blood vessel. Any blood loss will stop. Should you lose larger quantities of blood, you should call us for an appointment.

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