Things to do

You are pregnant, and will need to plan a number of things

Here are some of them:

1st trimester:

  • If you use medication, contact your GP to discuss whether these medicines may be taken during pregnancy.
  • Have you thought about childcare yet? You should arrange this very early on.
  • Sign up to maternity care. Most maternity care offices appreciate you signing on with them early in your pregnancy.

2nd trimester:

  • Course: think about starting a course such as yoga, swimming for pregnant women etc. Most of these courses start when pregnant mothers(-to-be) are around 28 weeks.
  • Course at our practice: if you would like to join one or both of our courses/information evenings let the assistant know in good time!
  • Register with the Birth Centre. Do you know where you want to give birth? If you would like to have your baby in the Birth Centre, let us know in plenty of time!
  • Employer: if you are employed you should let your employer know that you are pregnant. Legally, you are not required to say anything until three months before the due date. You can obtain a certificate of pregnancy from the practice which can be given to your employer. This way you can plan your maternity leave.
  • Request the maternity pack: ask your health insurance company. It could be that your insurer does not offer one, in which case you will have to buy these items yourself.
  • Act of Recognition: if you are not married, make sure you are informed as to how you should fill in the Act of Recognition.

3rd trimester:

  • Bed on blocks: preferably to a height of 80cm, as well as a bedpan. You can hire both blocks and bedpan from Homecare.
  • Hospital bag: this should be packed and ready should you unexpectedly have to go to hospital
  • Check all lists again.

Would you like to know what is included in a maternity package, or what to pack in your hospital bag?  Download our layette set.

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