Postnatal check ups

After labour our midwife will pass by a number of times to carry out specific assessments and check ups. During these visits, midwives will pay attention to the following:

The mother’s recovery. Here we observe:

  • the amount of blood loss
  • the position of the uterus
  • if you have had to have stitches, we will observe the wound and remove the stitches between the 6th and 8th  days
  • possible breast-related problems
  • physical and emotional condition
  • temperature

The baby’s health. Here we observe:

  • does your baby drink properly
  • does the baby pees and poops sufficiently
  • is the baby’s colour healthy?
  • weight
  • temperature

At the final check up we consider the maternity period at an end. We will then focus on other subjects such as birth control and future assessments.

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