Fees are set by the Dutch Healthcare authority.  Several diagnostic ultrasound procedures might be necessary.  Our practice is capable of providing this service to our clients. Most insurance Providers cover a limited amount of diagnostic ultrasound procedures.  The necessary ultrasounds are: 1) the first trimester 10-12 week ultrasound, and 2) the 20 week Structural Ultrasound. Any additional ultrasounds examinations are only performed if indicated. These examinations are usually partially covered by the Insurance Providers.

First trimester ultrasound
€ 40,86
Growth ultrasound
€ 40,86
Ultrasound fetal lie
€ 162,31
20-week ultrasound
€ 69,06
Counseling prenatal screening
€ 31,68
Preconception consultation, brief telephone consultation under 20 minutes
€ 63,35
In-person preconception consultation between 20 to 90 minutes
€ 68,66
IUD removal
€ 109,52
IUD placement inclusive ultrasound
€ 68,66
IUD placement exclusive ultrasound
€ 70,00
T-safe IUD
€ 120,00
Ballerine IUD
€ 35,00
consultation & pill prescription
€ 68,66
Placement of Implanon
€ 40,00
2D gender determination ultrasound 15 min. Inclusive 4 black-and-white pictures
€ 40,86
2D ultrasound per request without medical indication. 15 min. Inclusive 4 black-and-white pictures
€ 85,-
3D/4D Fun-ultrasound 30 min. inclusive a USB stick with 3D images and 1 black-and-white print


Obstetric care is listed under basic insurance for full reimbursement. Only medical ultrasound examinations will be reimbursed.

The midwife will send the invoice listing the care provided directly to your health insurance provider. If it is not possible to directly submit the claim to your insurance provider, you will receive an invoice. You can submit this invoice to your health insurance provider yourself.

Consultation listed under additional services are not always covered by insurance policies. Consult with your own health insurance provider beforehand. These consultations can be paid at the reception desk by debit card.

We are required to charge a €25,00 fee for appointments not cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment and any missed appointments.

Call our emergency number: 010 455 97 09
Call the doctor's line only if no one answers and if it's urgent 0251 26 02 24

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