Pain control

Most women experience pain during labour. Every woman experiences contractions differently. The reason for this often has to do with where the pain is situated. Most women experience abdominal pain during the contractions. But there are also women who feel most pain in their back and/or legs. Sometimes the pain moves from place to place. Try to remain relaxed when labour begins. Tension can increase the feelings of pain, and contractions may not progress in the correct way. There are various things you can do yourself to manage pain, and feel relaxed and comfortable. Good preparation can also help you to cope with contractions.  There are various pregnancy courses available that you can follow. Search the Internet for reliable information, or read a book about labour. Make sure you know what will happen, and what you can do yourself. This way you will be in control, and have a more confident idea about facing the experience of labour. This will also contribute to feelings of relaxation and serenity.

The following items might help you to feel more comfortable during your labour:

  • look for something to distract you
  • rest between contractions
  • count your contractions, each one you count, means one less to face!
  • concentrate on your breathing
  • make sure you are nice and warm
  • have a bath or a shower
  • have a massage (or not)
  • try different positions
  • have someone with you to support you that you care about: your mother, partner, friend
  • Use TENS. This is a machine which gives small doses of low voltage electricity.

If you need something more to dull the pain, you can take painkillers. Apart from nitrous oxide, medicated labour must take place within a hospital. This is because some painkillers can cause complications.

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Nitrous oxide

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Epidurals (epidural analgesia)



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Remifentall pump (PCA-pump)

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