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Rotterdam Midwives


Our team is composed of eleven midwives: three business owners and eight permanent shadowing midwives. Together, and with much pleasure, we have offered our services in central and western Rotterdam since 1989. We are here to advise, guide, investigate and, if necessary, refer you elsewhere during your pregnancy, labour and postnatal periods. During your appointments you will get to know us all, which means you will always encounter a friendly and familiar face when you finally go into labour.

Our vision

West Rotterdam Midwives is a modern, professional, independent midwives practice, dedicated to high quality care. We offer you professional midwifery from a responsible and efficient perspective. By working closely together with other disciplines, we form a strong link within the chain of care situated within Rotterdam. Continuity of appropriate care and our attention to personal details creates a feeling of trust, so important for a pregnant mother-to-be. Our midwives are constantly integrating innovation and growth into our business. We are a flexible, friendly team who understand the importance of personal development and mutual respect.

Opening hours

We are open on work days between 9:00 and 16:00. We have our lunch break between 12:00 and 13:00. Just pop by, or call us first on: 010 456 8369


West Rotterdam Widwives Heemraadssingel 152 3021 DK Rotterdam.

Telephone central: 010 456 8369

Telephone emergency: 010 455 9709


PC Hooftplein 45
3027 AW Rotterdam

Via public transport: Tram 23, PC Hooftplein stop. Tram 8, Huygenstraat stop

Spoed / Emergency


Call our emergency number:

010-455 97 09


Verloskundigen Rotterdam West
Heemraadssingel 152
3021 DK Rotterdam

Tel nr: 010-456.83.69

P.C. Hooftplein 45
3027 AW Rotterdam

Only if no answer:
Doctors Line: 0251-260.224