Heel stick

All babies undergo a heel stick. A small amount of blood is taken from the heel and dropped onto a card. This is done during the baby’s first days.

The heel stick is extremely important, as it shows whether your baby has certain serious (and sometimes life threatening) conditions.


If the result is good, you won’t hear anything. If the results are a cause for concern you will receive feedback within 4 weeks. To make sure these are not false results the heel stick will then be repeated. A second heel stick will be taken to the hospital’s own laboratory. It is often the case that this second heel prick shows no abnormalities at all. If, however, your baby does have a condition it can be immediately treated.

Parents are generally not aware of this, but the blood taken during the heel stick, is not only used to test for abnormalities. The blood is also used for scientific testing. Your baby’s blood is stored anonymously by the RIVM. Upon request, this blood can be used in tests by scientists. If you do not want your baby’s blood to be used for scientific testing, you can indicate this when the heel stick is taken.

To make the heel stick less uncomfortable for your baby, warm the baby’s feet beforehand in lukewarm water. Blood will then drip more easily from the heel, and the baby will experience less pain.

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