Information Sessions

We give two types of information sessions at our practice: Breast feeding, and labour and postnatal care information.

Breast feeding session

Good preparation is half the work. This also applies to breast feeding. Once a month our lactation specialist, Annette Drop, drops in. She gives the breast feeding course. This course will teach you the most important principles of breast feeding, and includes a lot of very practical information. Through this information you will discover what is important when beginning to breast feed, and what to expect from the experience.

It costs €7.50 to participate. This price includes equipment, coffee/tea, and something nice to eat.
Please register with the assistant.

You can also take a look at Annette Drop’s website:

Labour and postnatal care information
Twice a month the practice, together with someone from Maternity Care, Rotterdam gives information about the labour and postnatal periods. We cover all areas of labour and birth such as:

  • What the midwife does once you are in labour
  • Various sorts of contractions
  • When you should call us
  • Dealing with pain
  • Postnatal care

Participation is free! Register with one of our assistants.

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