First appointment

First appointment

Make your first appointment as soon as possible. At about your 8th week you will come to see us at the practice. You will have your first ultrasound. This will help us to establish your due date. During the first appointment you will be given information about the various antenatal tests. When we talk about antenatal tests we mean the combination test, the 20 week ultrasound and blood tests.

The first ultrasound lasts for approximately 30 min.

To make a first appointment, please fill in the registration form.

What should I bring?

When you come into the practice, you will be welcomed by one of our assistants. She will register you. Please make sure you bring:

  • The question list (either sent to you or downloaded via this
  • Form of identification
  • Proof of health insurance

If you do not have a valid id or if you are not insured it is best to report this immediately with our assistant when you make the appointment with our assistant.

Further appointments

The second appointment usually contains of a repeat of the periodical ultrasound and an interview. This appointment will take up to 60 minutes.

Further appointments are ‘regular check ups’ and take approximately 15 minutes. The regular check ups include weigh-ins, blood pressure measurements, and the size of the uterus. We will also listen to your baby’s heart using a doptone.

Check ups become more frequent as your pregnancy progresses. This means you will come in once every four weeks at the beginning of your pregnancy, and every week as you approach term.

Spoed / Emergency


Call our emergency number:

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