Information sessions

Our Midwife Practice provides two information sessions on: 1) delivery and postnatal care and 2) Breastfeeding,

Delivery and Postnatal Care Information Session

Together with a Maternity nurse, we teach a Delivery and Postnatal Care Session at the Sophia Birth Center. This information session takes approximately 1.5 hour. Please register with the Practice Assistant.

Due to covid-19 the information is given in a video (Dutch)

Participation fee: Free


  • What to expect of the midwife during delivery before and during delivery
  • Type of contractions
  • When to call the midwife
  • How to cope with the pain
  • Postnatal maternity care

Breastfeeding Information Session

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. This wisdom also applies to breastfeeding. Once a month, our lactation specialist will teach the necessary breastfeeding information. This Information Session takes approximately 1,5 hour.

Due to covid-19 the sessions will be online  via Zoom.

Dates for 2021:

Tuesday  February 2

Tuesday March 2

Tuesday April 13

Tuesday May 4

Monday June 7

Tuesday July 6

Tuesday August 3

Tuesday September 7

Tuesday  October 12

Tuesday November 2

Tuesday December 7

The session starts at 19:30 hrs. Most likely all dates in 2021 will be via Zoom. It will be life,  and therefore all questions will be answered.

Register at: Participation fee: €7.50.

After the session a “tikkie”will be send for payment


  • Benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child.
  • How to recognize your baby’s feeding signals.
  • How to latch the baby on.
  • What problems can you experience and how to solve them.
  • rooming-in
  • skin-t0-skin contact

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